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Tips to Choose The Right SUP Yoga Paddleboard

How To Choose The Right Paddleboard SUP Board Yoga

Choose the Right Paddleboard for Yoga to make your paddleboarding experience a much more enjoyable one. Here are tips that will make it easier to choose the right paddleboard.

How To Choose the Right Paddleboard for Yoga?

Paddleboarding is a new sport that is gaining more and more popularity.

Why is paddle boarding becoming more popular? Probably because it is a particularly accessible activity.

You can rent boards almost anywhere and you don’t need lessons to be successful in paddling!.

It is also an inexpensive sport, and easy to do with friends.

You just have to take your board, put it in the water, learn to stand up, and paddle-like you know what you are doing.

The beauty of it is that you can take a break for a nap in the middle of a lake, or you can easily jump in for a quick dip.

  • Technical Tips to Choose The Right Paddleboard
  • What Type of Water Will You be Riding On
  • What Type of Paddleboards are Available
  • Choosing the Right Paddle
  • Where are You Going To Store The Board
  • How are You Going To Haul Your Paddleboard

Technical Paddleboard Things to Consider

How To Choose The Right Paddleboard SUP Board Yoga PIN

Are you thinking of getting a board soon? Several technical points are obviously to be considered in order to allow you to make an informed decision.

When buying a board, your weight is a very important consideration to ensure you get the ideal flotation. The greater the weight affixed to a board, the greater the volume of the board.

To assess the necessary volume, you have to consider Weight, Width, and Volume.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Paddleboard

  • Weight
  • Paddleboard Width
  • Volume

Below you will find information that will simplify your task of choosing the Right Paddleboard.


One of the rules that exist in the industry is the following: for a beginner who uses a board in walk mode.

1 lb affixed to the board will require (+/-) 1 liter of volume in return.

For example, a man of 180 lbs will need a board of at least 180 liters.

If you plan to share your board with your family, friends or if you want to transport items on the water, it will also be important to take into account the weight of possible passengers (family, friends, children, dogs, luggage, etc).

Paddleboard Width

On a paddleboard, width is synonymous with stability. On the other hand, a narrower board will be synonymous with speed, but obviously much less stable!

So for paddleboard Yoga, it is advised to get the widest possible board that you can get.

The wider the board the more stable it will be.


The volume of the board (mentioned in liters) corresponds to the board’s flotation capacity.

In other words, the higher the “liter” (ex: 200 liters and more), the more the board floats.

On the other hand, the lower the volume (Ex: 100 liters), the less the board floats, and even some advanced paddle-surf boards are almost totally submerged in wave standby mode.

What Type of Body of Water Will You be Riding On?

What Type of Body of Water Will You be Riding On SUP Board Yoga

The question to ask yourself is: In what environment, or in what type of body of water will I mostly use my board?

Use the 80/20 rule, that is, 80% of the time, in what type of environment will you be using your paddleboard?

You may Be Paddle Boarding in:

  • Paddleboarding on a Lake
  • SUP on a River
  • Paddleboard at Sea

Paddleboarding on a Lake

Are you looking to paddle a small lake with little wind or a large lake exposed to the wind?

Do you want to paddle long distances in search of adventure, or are you more of the ‘stroll’ style at sunset?

The question is important and there lies the importance of thinking about the size (volume) of your board.

If you plan to paddleboard on a particular lake, take the time to know the lake: the distance, the wind direction, etc.

If the lake is rather large, you want to go long distances and the winds are strong, you would much prefer a “touring” type board like the Peak Expedition SUP Board (Inflatable)(link) or the Boardworks SHUBU Raven (Rigid)(link).

SUP on a River

Is the level of the river you want deep or shallow? Is there a lot of currents or is it rather quiet?

In case the water is shallow and there are a lot of rocks, buying an inflatable board is the best idea.

It would be wise to consider a board whose specifications allow excellent stability and buoyancy on the water.

Paddleboard at Sea

Do you dream of SUP surfing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, or even that of the Pacific Ocean? There are two choices available to you depending on your level of expertise:

A shorter paddleboard will allow you to enjoy calmer cruising-type conditions.

A SUP board will allow you to be much more agile on the waves, but difficult to use for larger builds in calm water.

A great challenge to take up according to your level of paddleboarding.

What Type of Paddleboards are Available?

What Type of Paddleboards are Available

What types of Paddle Boards are Available Today?

The two basic types of boards are Rigid Sup boards or inflatable boards.

If you are not sure if an inflatable or a rigid board will be the best choice for you, at this stage it’s okay.

It is normal to feel stuck in between because both types of SUP have their advantages.

Choosing which type is best for you depends on your needs and lifestyle.

To help you make an easier decision, we are going to walk you through the differences between a rigid board and an inflatable SUP board.

Rigid Board

Epoxy Rigid Paddleboards

Rigid boards are more efficient, a lot more stable, and much faster than inflatable SUP boards.

Provided that you have plenty of space to store a rigid board and want the best gliding sensation on the water.

You should definitely consider purchasing a rigid SUP board.

However, it is important to know that they are more fragile and require more care!

Read our post Paddleboard Yoga Gear That You May Need for more info.

Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable Paddleboards

Inflatable boards have two main advantages: for easier storage in small storage spaces and for easy transport.

Do you want to easily transport your board from point A to point B?

Do you want a board that requires less maintenance (less fragile)?

Would you like to bring your board on a plane?

An inflatable board will suit you perfectly! Despite the great rigidity and quality of our inflatable boards.

Keep in mind that they will always have a little bouncing sensation.

Read our post Paddleboarding Yoga Equipment That You May Need for more info.

Choosing the Right Paddle

Choosing the Right Paddle SUP Board Yoga

Buying the right paddle that meets your needs is as important as to choose the right paddleboard.

After all, the name of the sport PADDLEBOARD evokes two words: paddle (paddle), and board (board).

During your outings on the water, you will make hundreds, even thousands of strokes of the paddles.

So the choice of your paddle will greatly affect your practice and your appreciation of SUP.

SUP Oar SUP Paddles

Several choices of paddles are available to you:

  • 2-piece paddles that will allow split/attach in the middle
  • 3-piece paddles that easily fit into an inflatable SUP carry bag
  • Adjustable paddles that you can perfectly adjust to your size
  • Solid paddles (1-piece ) are usually stronger and more steady

Materials, weight, flexibility, and shape of the blade, our range of paddles have been developed to better meet your needs.

Be careful not to lose your paddle to your board, it can drift quickly!

Make sure to have paddleboard safety straps to securely set so this will not happen.

Where are You Going To Store Your Board?

Where are You Going To Store Your Board SUP Board Yoga

Figuring out where you are going to store your board is something that you should consider as well.

To keep things simple we are just going to separate it into the two most usual types of paddleboards: Inflatable Paddleboards and Rigid Boards.

Inflatable Paddleboards Storage

The inflatable paddleboard models is the ones you can store the easiest. Simply deflate it and put it away.

Make sure to dry and clean your inflatable paddleboard before you put it away though.

Most inflatable paddleboard models come with a storage bag for easy storage.

If you paddleboard often, you can keep your paddleboard inflated.

But keep in mind that the pressure will decrease in between trips.

Rigid Boards Storage

Well storing your Rigid board is pretty easy.  You can get one of these paddleboard racks and simply set them up till next time.

There are different versions and styles of paddleboard racks to choose from.

Depending on how much room you have available you can choose the one that works best for you.

There are basically 3 variations of paddleboard racks to choose from:

  • Freestanding Paddleboards Storage Rack
  • Wall Mounted Board Rack
  • Ceiling Paddleboard Rack

You can find out more about them on our Paddleboard Gear: Paddle Boards Racks section.

How are You Going To Haul Your Paddleboard?

How are You Going To Haul Your Paddleboard SUP Board Yoga

Hauling your paddleboard from home to your car, to the water will be made pretty easy with an inflatable board.

It can be easily placed on a backpack and some of the bags themselves have wheels.

An inflatable board will easily fit on a backseat or the trunk of your car.

Now with a Ridgid board, it might be a tad more difficult.

You may need a roof rack, a pick-up, a van for this task.

Rigid boards can be several feet long and they require a little more planning.

Please plan accordingly and choose the right paddleboard for your needs.

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We hope that this SUP Board guide will help you to properly choose the right paddle board for you.

Please let us know what you think of this article in the comments below. Namaste!

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