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Paddle Board Yoga A Unique Yoga Practice

Paddle Board Yoga A Unique Yoga Practice to Try

Paddle Board Yoga A Unique Practice that combines practicing Yoga Routines while sitting on a paddle board. If you like the outdoors this would be a cool thing to try.

Paddle Board Yoga

Yoga and Paddleboarding: The winning encounter of two disciplines.

Paddleboarding has been a popular activity for several years. It attracts surfers and amateurs alike.

Today, this activity combines with another popular practice for a long time-Yoga.

From now on, you can during your water rides perform Yoga exercises directly on your paddle board. This then gives the Yoga Paddle.

In this article, we explain some basics and tips for these two practices.

Different at first glance, these two disciplines meet on many points. Journey to discover this amazing combination.

Basics of Paddle Board Yoga

PaddleBoard Yoga A Unique Yoga Practice to Try PIN

Paddleboarding and yoga work well together. They build on the same foundations and seek a similar purpose.

Indeed, the challenge is, for both practices, to relax and make the mind relax.

“yoga on a stand up paddleboard will reinvigorate you and help you become calm & healthy” – Source: colchestervt.gov

The paddle is intended to make you spend a moment in nature where your mind can “disconnect” freely. And yoga promotes the rest of the mind, especially through breathing.

Practicing yoga on a paddle is then perfectly adapted to let your mind fly away while being out in the water.

In addition, the goal of Paddleboarding Yoga is the search for balance.

In fact, to stand on a board you have to find that point of balance that will be facilitated by the holding of your paddle.

“Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga takes your practice to the next level by bringing it onto a paddleboard on the water. Prepare to test your balance and challenge your core like never before.” – Source: campusrec.fsu.edu

Yoga postures require, as for them, to constantly seek this balance in various forms or stretches. In Paddle Yoga, you can start sitting so that it is simpler.

Paddle Board Yoga Tips

Paddleboard Yoga Tips

If you want to try your hand at Paddle Board Yoga, here are some tips to make it easier.

  1. Find Your Balance
  2. Start with Stretches
  3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
  4. Be Aware of The Weather
  5. Secure Your Board
  6. Wear The Proper Wear
  7. Avoid Injuries
  8. Have Fun

1. Find Your Balance

The first exercises will obviously be simpler if you are already practicing Yoga. You will then quickly find your balance point on the board.

Once your balance has been found you can do more advanced yoga poses.

Always being mindful of your body. It will let you know what your limits are.

2. Start With Stretches

In case yoga is for you a discovery, we advise you to start with stretching exercises sitting on your SUP.

Basic stretches even to experienced Yogis are a way to warm up your muscles to what is coming up next.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings will let you know of any hazards that are near you.

Maybe a branch that sticks out and may hurt you or a particular part of the water that is moving faster than you would like.

If you are not totally comfortable in the water, staying in shallower water will be a thing to consider.

4. Be Aware of The Weather

It is best to observe the weather conditions before your session so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

An extremely windy day or a very hot day may make your trip out in the water not a very pleasant one.

5. Secure Your Board

Always be careful not to get carried away by the wind during your ride.

You can get a very reliable board anchor from Amazon here to keep your board exactly where you want it to be.

You can even find some with a rope already, so you don’t have to get that separately.

6. Wear The Proper Wear

Having the proper wear while out in the water will be a good thing.

A hat to give you some shade, a good shirt that will cover your arms, the proper slip-resistant shoes are some of the things that would be helpful to have.

Unlike spending the day swimming, paddleboarding will keep you out in the sun and the elements most of the day.

So make sure you protect yourself properly.

7. Avoid Injuries

The paddleboarding tips above will help you to avoid injury.

Other things that you may consider to have with you while out paddleboarding are a life jacket and perhaps a first aid kit just in case.

Sun Screen and bug spray may also be beneficial to have handy.

If you attempt aerial tricks or require more balance be careful to fall next to your board to avoid injury.

8. Have Fun

This should be a way for you to enjoy nature, be out in the water, perform yoga poses, and overall relax.

Enjoy your day, be safe and this would be an activity that you could do quite often… Weather permitting.

There are many benefits of paddleboarding and just as many of Yoga by itself.

Combining these two practices should be a fun way to spend the day.

How to Begin Paddleboarding With Yoga

inflatable paddleboards

How to begin Paddleboarding? If this is your first time paddleboarding, we strongly advise you to use an inflatable paddle board.

It will be more stable and especially you will not have a great risk of injury in case of a fall.

You can check out our range of inflatable paddleboards on Amazon here.  They have a great selection to choose from.

They usually come in a paddleboard kit that will include several items, like back[acks, air pumps, anchor, and other things that you will need.

Some even have a waterproof phone protector to keep your phone dry and secure.

This will save you money since it will be cheaper to buy a kit than every single piece separately.

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Paddle Board Yoga Final Words

Paddle Board Yoga A Unique Yoga Practice to Try

Paddle Board Yoga practice is synonymous with relaxation in a natural setting where the rest of the mind is master.

Being in nature while practicing Yoga would be a great way to pass the day and relax your mind.

Please let us know what you think of this article in the comments below. Namaste!

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