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Paddle Board Yoga Poses Video (10) SUP Poses to Try


Paddle Board Yoga poses that will help you increase your balance, build your core, and work every part of your body.

Here is a video of 10 Stand Up Paddle Yoga positions to try.

10 Paddle Board Yoga Poses Video

10 Easy Paddle Board Yoga Poses to Try SUP Board Yoga

Paddleboard yoga poses that can be performed on a yoga board are many.

In this paddleboard yoga youtube video, 10 of the easiest Yoga poses that you can do are described.

Yoga performed on a paddleboard can be a challenging activity for beginners.

The more you do it though, you will feel more comfortable, and it will be easier for you to do it.

List of the 10 Easy Paddle Board Yoga Poses to Try:

  1. Down Dog Yoga Pose
  2. Chair Pose
  3. Warrior 2 Pose
  4. Malasana Yoga Pose
  5. Headstand Pose
  6. Boat Paddle Board Yoga Poses
  7. Thread the Needle Poses
  8. Modified Crescent Lunge Pose
  9. Full Wheel Paddleboard Yoga Pose
  10. Shavasana Yoga Pose

Read some more about them in the transcript below.

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Paddle Board Yoga Poses Video Transcription

Here is the transcript of the video with some notes.

I have organized it into sections for you to follow it easier and to find the right spot on the video.

Because of the video music, some parts were a bit hard to hear.

So please excuse me if I get it wrong.

00:00 – Hey, I’m Helen and I love doing yoga on a paddle board because it really forces you to be present in the moment.

You can’t control your surroundings, the wind, the waves, for birds floating by and that really keeps you centered and balanced and focused on your breath. – 00:21

Down Dog Yoga Pose

Down Dog Paddleboard Yoga Poses Using Yoga
Source: UsingYoga.com

00:22 – Down dog is a great pose to start with.

It really helps create length through your spine, find balance on your board and connect you to your breath and to the water.

Spread your fingers really wide and you can always pedal out your feet, stretch out your legs, and find your balance. – 00:36

To begin this pose start from a kneeling posture. Knees in line with your hips, wrists in line with your shoulders.

Exhale, push up on the board, arms straight, lifting the hips away from the ribs.

Lengthen the spine. Press your heels into the ground, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and bring your gaze towards the navel. (feet hip-width and parallel).

Down Dog Yoga Benefits: stretches the back and shoulders while strengthening them. Stretch the posterior chain of your thighs. Relieves stress and headaches.

Chair Pose

00:37 – Chair pose is an awesome pose to build strength in your legs and in your core.

The closer your feet are together the harder it is. So you can start with your feet about hip-distance and then maybe try bringing them a little bit closer together. – 00:50

Take a deep exhale and bend your knees, slightly bend your body forward.

Extend your arms to the sky. Shoulders low, belly tucked in.

Chair Pose Benefits: Strengthens the lower body, stretches the chest, shoulders.

Relieves stress and tension, reduces flat feet. Intense balance work on the SUP.

Warrior 2 Pose

00:51 – Warrior 2 is one of the trickiest poses to do on your paddleboard.

But when you get it you can really feel like a warrior. Requires you to be strong steady and calm.

And it can be really challenging on your balance since your feet are in a line at the center of your board. – 01:03

From Warrior Pose 1, open your arms, place them parallel to the board and in line with your legs.

Lower your shoulders, tuck your stomach in.

Benefits: Strengthens legs, ankles, groin, chest, and shoulders.

Stimulates digestion, increases endurance, relieves back pain, relieves carpal tunnel symptoms and sciatica.

Add to that a lot of balance work with the paddle.

Malasana Pose

01:04 – Malasana or Garland pose is a great pose to open your hips in your low back and bring your center of gravity back down toward the board.

Bring your feet wide point your toes out your heels in and lower your hips down. – 01:15

“An excellent facilitator of good pelvic floor health, Garland Pose, called Malasana in Sanskrit, stretches the ankles, groins, and back while stimulating proper digestion.” – Source: YogaJournal.com

Malasana Pose Benefits: This poses helps your whole lower body. Stretch the hamstrings, open the hips, strengthen your glutes, core, and calf muscles.

Additionally, the Malasana pose has the benefit of greatly strengthening your lower back.

Headstand Pose

Headstand Paddleboard Yoga Pose
Source: Pinterest.com

01:16 – Headstand is probably one of my favorite poses on the board because it flips your perspective quite literally.

And it brings some fresh blood into your head and all-around your body.

It’s really cool to see the water and the sky upside down and feel the freedom of floating with your legs above your head. – 01:33

“The headstand causes an increase in circulation to the brain, which stimulates the brain`s nerve cells.” – Source: Indian Journal Of Research

Headstand Pose Benefits: Just like many inversion poses, a headstand offers an array of benefits.

They include release stress, a stronger spine, upper body strength, stimulates the pineal gland, insomnia relief, and helps on your digestion to name a few.

Boat Paddle Board Yoga Poses

Boat Paddleboard Yoga Pose
Source: Pinterest.com

01:34 – Boat pose is great to continue to build core strength and stability which is useful for paddleboarding yoga and really any other sport you want to do.

You can challenge this pose by straightening your legs or reaching your arms to the sky or even doing some boat crunches. – 01:47

“Boat Pose — Navasana (Navasana​) — is a part of the Padma Sadhana sequence and is well-known for increasing core strength and toning the abdominals. ” – Source: Art of Living

Boat Yoga Pose Benefits: Performing the boat yoga pose on a paddleboard will bring you these great benefits: Strengthens abdominals, hip flexors, and spine, Stimulates kidneys, prostate, thyroid, intestines, Relieves stress, and Improves digestion.

Thread the Needle Poses

Thread the Needle Poses
Source: yogajournal.com

01:48 – Thread the needles stretches your shoulders and rings out your spine which creates flexibility and decreases stress between your vertebrae.

Paddling can put a lot of stress on your shoulders so this has been an awesome pose to just loosen everything up before or after you start to move. – 02:02

Paddle Board Yoga Poses like Stretching before or after your exercises is good for your body.

You have to prepare your muscles for the work ahead and a chance for your muscles to relax.

Modified Crescent Lunge Pose

Source: gilisports.com

02:04 – The modified Crescent lunge is a great pose to get into your hips your quads and your quadriceps.

Think of your feet being on either side of the centerline of the board and really engage your navel to your spine and your core. – 02:14

Crescent Lunge Benefits: This yoga poses is a great way to stretch your quadriceps and your hip flexors. Beneficial for people who sit for many hours.

Opens up the torso, shoulders, and chest.  Great way to build stability and balance on your body.

Full Wheel Paddleboard Yoga Pose

Paddle Board Yoga Poses Full Wheel SUP Board Yoga

02:15 – Full wheel lengthens your spine opens your chest and can actually help lift or improve your moods so it’s awesome for days to get a little bit blue or down

It also stretches out your stomach, it just feels really cool to be upside down on your board. – 02:27

Shavasana Yoga Pose

02:28 – Shavasana probably my second favorite pose on the board.

There’s no better feeling than just floating along on top of the water, the Sun on your face.

I like to let my feet in my hands dangle into the water just kind of stay connected and float slip away you. – 02:51

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Paddle Board Yoga Poses Final Words

Paddle Board Yoga Poses Video 10 SUP Poses to Try SUP Board Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga poses that will help you increase your build your core, improve your balance and tone every part of your body. Brought to you by ISLE Yoga Youtube Channel.

Please let us know what you think of this article in the comments below. Namaste!

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